KARACHI - Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair has said that there is an urgent need to create awareness about the biased attitude against women in the society.

Addressing the 9th anniversary of the Ladies Fund Women’s Awards for Pakistan 2017 at Governor’s House, he said that awareness would help protect women and make an effective use of their abilities. The event was organised by Dawood Global Foundation (DGF).

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Ashraf Wathra and most dynamic and inspiring women gathered to celebrate strength and empowerment of women and acknowledge their great economic contribution to Pakistan. The Lifetime Achievement winner was Seema Aziz, the managing director of Sefam Private Limited, the largest fashion retailer employing 13,000 people, and founder of CARE Foundation, one of the largest non-government organisations working in Pakistan with a network of 234 schools and educating over 160,000 children. Speaking on the occasion, the Sindh governor said that a woman had many roles to play; she was a wife, a mother, a sister and a daughter and every role had its own beauty. Islam has praised and highlighted women’s role in overall development of a society and as custodians of households, he said.

Governor Zubair said that problems of women such as denial of rights and education, poverty and unemployment needed special attention of the government as well as the masses. The role being played by women in collective economic development of any country is of immense importance, he observed.

He said it was the duty of every government to ensure maximum opportunities for women so that they could prove their abilities in a conducive atmosphere. The present government is aware of its obligations towards women and special attention is being paid to equal opportunities for them, he said.

Lauding the teach-a-girl initiative of the DGF, the Sindh governor said that it was the need of the hour to teach and educate girls who had a very low literacy rate. He said that tolerance was the key to progress of any nation and country. If women are literate, he said, they could inculcate tolerance and respect in the society.

He also commended distribution of awards to the most talented and prominent women in various fields by the Ladies Fund.

Wathra said the State Bank of Pakistan would continue its efforts to encourage women entrepreneurs.

DGF President Tara Uzra Dawood highlighted various initiatives of her organisation. She pledged to continue to hold such events to encourage and promote women doing wonders in various fields. She thanked the governor for taking a keen interest in the event and allowing the event to be hosted at Governor’s House.She said the Ladies Fund was established in 2007 as an initiative to provide financial security to women and promote and train women entrepreneurs. “It aims to integrate entrepreneurial needs based on the economic and social aspects,” she said. She said that 150 local and international partners were working with DGF and her main goal for 2017 was to complete education of 1,000 deserving girls in both Pakistan and Africa.



Governor Muhammad Zubair attended Holi celebrations at Governor's House Staff Colony that were arranged by Hindu employees.

Speaking on the occasion, the governor said that minorities were playing a pivotal role in overall development of the province of Sindh. Contribution of the Hindu community, especially to health, education, business and other sectors, is of immense importance, he said.  The governor said that there was a complete freedom to minorities to celebrate their religious festivals. Religious festivals bring immense happiness and joy to followers of various religions. “I congratulate the Hindu community on their festival of Holi,” he said.

He went to the employees and extended his best wishes. The Hindu employees thanked the governor for taking time out for their festival.