Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority Board on Monday approved the by-laws for construction of commercial apartments astride major roads of the capital.

Earlier, there were no by-laws to regulate the construction of commercial buildings lining major roads of the city. According to sources, the by-laws would help regulate commercial construction across major roads which will also generate revenue for the Authority. The Board met here at the CDA Headquarters with Chairman CDA. This was the 3rd meeting of the Board in the year 2018. The Planning and Development Wing of the Authority moved a summary in this regard before the Board.

The sources said that with the approval of the by-laws, commercial construction along both sides of Kurri Road, Park Road, Lehtrar Road, Kahuta Road, GT Road, Islamabad Highway (from Faizabad to Rawat) would be regularized. However, according to sources, Kashmir Highway and the Southern side of the Murree Road has not yet been included in the list of roads which have been put under the newly-approved regulations. Earlier, the issue remained unattended and the Authority remained deprived of considerable revenue.

The Planning Wing also moved a summary of an amendment in the quota of the post of Director Housing Societies; however, the issue was not taken up in the meeting. At present, the quota for the post of Director Housing Societies has been set as 100 percent through direct appointment while the Planning Wing wants the quota for the post to be revised as 75 percent through promotion and 25 percent through direct appointment as was earlier practised through CDA Regulations. According to the CDA officials, Human Resource Directorate of the Authority has taken a decision to change the quota of direct appointment from 25 percent to 100 percent for filling the post. The Planning Wing wants the quota to be brought back at par with the Service Regulations.