President Mamnoon Hussain quite rightly and emphatically stressed the dire need for ending unfair practices as well as injustices at all levels from the society.

According to the reports in the media, the President said this while addressing concluding ceremony of three-day 10th Annual Nazria Pakistan Conference at the Nazria Pakistan Trust in Lahore the other day.

The President said the national has ample potential to compete and excel in all fields of life, concerted efforts need to be made for progress while overcoming small internal issues and mutual differences, Pakistan would have achieved greater success and more progress if corruption had not plagued the society, political stability is important and vital for development and financial independence, there is no shortage whatsoever of manpower, there is dire need for correcting the mistakes and overcoming shortcomings on collective issues for a better and brighter future.

Furthermore, the President went on to say that he has duly felt re-invigorated after participating in such a gather where the ideology of Pakistan has been discussed and highlighted, heroes of Islam and the Pakistan Movement should be given more space in the academic syllabi of schools and colleges and he has broached the matter with the prime minister and the curriculum is under review to improve according to the national ideology.

It is quite commendable to note that the President has dilated on such an important subject and on his intervention, the curriculum at the schools and colleges levels is being reviewed at the appropriate level to improve it further wherever need be and to ensure it is in accordance with the national ideology to the maximum extent possible.


Lahore, March 2.