Don’t let the spark inside you fade away. Don’t go to the way that don’t make you happy. Pakistan is our home and we are here to do betterment for our country. Don’t lose your hope to make it a better place like Quaid-i-Azam did. Invest yourself for your country to produce better products here. Pakistan is the land of hopes, dreams and sacrifices of its citizens and it should be treated like it is our treasure.  

These are times when greater part of the general population are contemplating leaving Pakistan and a large number of them have really moved and have settled in different nations. Be that as it may, Pakistan isn’t as awful a nation as it is depicted to be. We can cultivate our land for production of better people and bright future. Each nation is confronting emergency, this does not mean we leave our nation when it needs our help the most.  

I cherish those individuals in my nation who are peace adoring and lion’s share of them do need peace. Our country has given us the standard of living, a identification and a way of living. History teaches us that how much cherished the dream of Pakistan was and how seriously our fathers fought for it .believe me or not, the most significant reason of loving Pakistan is independence movement itself. 

Long live Pakistan! 

We will spark to make our country best in the world. 


Lahore, March 2.