It turns out that a ministry-ship is more than showing up in flamboyant yellow sports cars or outrageous border stunts. As Minister Faisal Vawda found out yesterday, being a minister means taking on responsibility and sometimes even includes attending meetings.

The Minister of Water Resources may have made a name for himself on Twitter through broadcasting his bravado at the Line of Control but his ministry appears to be less happy with him. The Senate Special Committee on Monday decided to summon Mr Vawda to ask him the reason for not attending meetings of the Standing Committee on Water Resources. The chairperson of Standing Committee on Water Resources, Senator Shammim Afridi, had lodged a complaint that the minister was not attending its meetings, as confirmed by the Senate Special Committee Chairman Hafeezullah Sheikh.

Minister Vawda has even invoked the displeasure of the Party President and Prime Minister Imran Khan. According to sources, the PM was irked at Minister Vawda for having a photo session at the Line of Control and directed him to pay attention to his ministry. Indeed, in hindsight having a photo session at the LoC at a time of heightened sensitivity was probably not the wisest idea. Seeing that tensions among PTI members are rising and there are rumours of replacements to happen, Minister Vadwa would do well not to provoke PTI anymore and should stay low-key.

We are glad to see the Senate demand accountability from ministers and we hope this wake-up call enables the Ministry of Water Resources to focus on the more pressing issues facing it. We are in the midst of a water shortage crisis- a little less time in front of the cameras and more effort in conducting groundwork is direly needed. Hopefully, this accountability also reminds other ministries and politicians that the best results occur with hard work, not publicity.