ISLAMABAD-A parliamentary body was told on Tuesday that construction of a proposed interchange on link road of Islamabad-Lahore Motorway for Islamabad Model Prison will also provide access for several residential sectors of the capital.    

Member Planning National Highway Authority (NHA) Asim Amin said this while responding on an issue related to difficulties faced by the residents of sector H-15, H-16, H-17, I-15, I-16, I-17 regarding access point from the motorway link road in the meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Communications. 

He said that the link road of the motorway was a controlled access road of NHA and nobody could be allowed direct access on such roads while the aforementioned sectors had their own access through proposed service roads in master plan of Islamabad.  He however clarified that an interchange was in planning phase to provide direct access to under-construction Islamabad Model Prison at the 17th Avenue of the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

The member planning further said that the said interchange would be constructed with the financing of the Ministry of Interior as part of Islamabad Model Prison.

“The prison’s interchange will facilitate the residents of said sectors as well”, Amin said, adding: “The topographic survey for interchange has been completed but we are waiting for the determination of the centreline of 17th Avenue by CDA.”

The committee was also informed that NHA had got approval of a policy from National Highway Council according to which the private entities would be allowed to take direct access from its controlled access road network but with certain conditions.  

Meanwhile, replying to the concerns raised by senators, Chairman NHA Jawad Rafique Malik informed the committee members that a special committee was on the visit of Balochistan to ascertain damages caused to road network in recent flood.

“Once we will receive detailed report of damages caused by recent floods, we prepare a rehabilitation plan accordingly”, he maintained.

The briefing on PSDP schemes was deferred due to the absence of concerned officers from the Planning and Finance Divisions.  The committee expressed its grave displeasure regarding the careless attitude of said departments.

Senator Behramand Khan Tangi also got flared when the Chairman NHA tried to link breakages of fence on Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M-1) with theft.  Senator Tangi was of the view that besides his repeated identification and several accidents on motorway due to unavailability of fence, the high ups of NHA are still reluctant to perform their duties while Chairman NHA stated that locals are stealing the fence and he brought this matter into the notice of the chief secretary KP.

At a point Senator Tangi lost his temperament and announced to move privilege motion against the NHA Chairman in Upper House of the Parliament but Secretary Communications Shoaib Ahmed Saddiqui intervened and pacify the situation by assuring the senator to redress his grievances.