Dasht Ballnigwar is located in district Kech. The majority part of the area is suited for agriculture but, unfortunately, there is no availability of a dam to store water, and farmers have this been losing rain water. Recently, the Ballnigwar River overfilled with water and demolished a lot of gardens and fields. This could have been avoided through the availability of a dam, and also be helpful for farmers.

After a gap of many years, rains came to Dasht region, but again the water was wasted. Hence, the public faced uncountable problems. Dasht has a huge population, and most are born in poor families and work in agriculture.

I requested the government of Balochistan to please construct a dam in Dasht Ballnigwar to help store rainwater. This would save many lives, as well as agriculture.


Dasht Ballnigwar, February 28.