LAHORE-Four days have gone by since Aurat March took place on International Women’s Day and the rage over posters and play cards continues. With the different posters that women have come up with this year social media has been abuzz and people are not happy, especially males.

Actor Ahmed Ali Butt took this issue on Instagram and posted a picture of a message that read: “It’s amazing to see some women hold a banner of ‘Apni Roti Khud Banao’ (Make your own chapatti) as if they make rotis (chapattis) everyday in their homes… bhabi, Instagram ya Snapchat se fursat milegi toh maloom hoga na ke roti kesi pakti hai (You’ll only know how to make a chapatti once you’re done using Instagram or Snapchat).”

He continued, “Stop using feminism as an excuse to hate on men or to increase your followers. True feminism is about men and women working as a team and sharing responsibilities, let that be women making a roti (chapatti) while your man picks up the kids from school or your man putting the kids to sleep while your wife has a job to do.”

The JPNA actor concluded his post by saying: “So let’s make it clear that with a supporting woman, a man is complete and with a supporting man, a woman is free. Thank you.” His caption stated, “Feminism Mubarak everyone.”