ISLAMABAD                   -            It’s a curious fact that while many of us will slather expensive creams and serums on our faces, we halt the application at our chin. Botox doctor Sophie Shotter agrees that neglected necks and chests can be more of a giveaway of your age than your hands. ‘The main problem is most of us don’t apply enough SPF to necks and chests,’ says Dr. Shotter.

‘The skin is thinner than on our faces and more likely to show wrinkles. There are fewer fibroblasts (collagen-producing cells) in this area, so the skin is less elastic.’ When we hit the menopause, a reduction in estrogen can make the skin drier still.

Is it any wonder our chests can look more creased than our faces in the morning? Even the eternally youthful Cindy Crawford suffers. ‘When you’re 20, pillow lines go away in 15 minutes, but everything takes a bit longer in the 40s and 50s,’ she said. Fortunately, Dr. Shotter has a new treatment available that aims to soften ‘necklace lines’ as well as creased, crepey-looking skin and sun damage pigmentation spots. ‘It is a multi-layered approach to collagen boosting. It’s a peel, micro-needling and at-home clinic-strength aftercare. It’s like visiting the dentist — the treatment is all very well, but you must continue with good habits at home. I do hope it isn’t as terrifying as visiting the dentist. My initial consultation establishes how many sessions I’ll need (four treatments one week apart). More damaged skin can require up to 12 sessions. I am given a Brightening & Filling Peel by Peel2Glow to apply to my chest the night before the micro-needling. It uses glycolic and mandelic acids to exfoliate and boost collagen production, and brightening vitamin C. The healing process stimulates collagen production.