ISLAMABAD (PR): In lieu of World Kidney Day and World Dietitian Day, Shifa International Hospital Islamabad arranged a free health camp to create awareness among general public for maintaining kidney health and wellbeing.

The attendees of the health camp underwent free of cost pathology tests. They also had an opportunity to talk with consultant nephrologists and nutritionists who helped them identify risks of chronic kidney disease and recommended guidelines for prevention and reducing the risk levels.

The panel of doctors constituted nephrologists Dr. Danyal Hassan, Dr. Syed Nayer Mahmud, Dr. Syed Farhat Abbass, Dr. Momena Manzoor, Dr. Kiran Khurshid, and a dietitian Dr. Rezzan Khan, who offered free consultation and answered common questions of the audience related to kidney health.

The experts mentioned that diabetes and high blood pressure are among leading causes of kidney disease.

The kidney diseases can often be managed through lifestyle changes and education that includes using kidney friendly diet, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, etc. They further emphasised that kidneys are vital organs essential to life as they play an important role in maintaining healthy body function.