Coronavirus is spreading over all the country of China like a wild fire and it impacts the health and economy of China and other country too, like Pakistan, India and Russia. The Pakistan has closed CPEC link, India refused to give Visas to people to travel in China and Russia has closed its border with China that the virus must not affect their public. It has infected 25000 people, killed around 500 people, though it is present more than 25 countries like US, UK and etc.

The fire has initiated in the Wuhan city where the See Food Market is located and which sells wild animals meet, according to the estimation these wild animals can be the cause of the coronavirus. In Wuhan city where the multiple Pakistani are settle down for acquiring the qualitative education. But now they are surrounded within this fire and no one is going to help them specially Pakistan because other countries had brought their once. As the students of Pakistan are suffering from multiple crisis like food, pure water and other facilities too, though two, two days they are deprived for the proper meal.

The economy of China is decelerating because the Global business are shut down their stores, suspend their operation or have imposed travel restriction on their employees to control the spread of the virus. The China is the second economical country, and today its economy is 14 trillion dollars. It is the largest manufacturer in the world even bigger than the United State, but the virus reduced its export system badly.

This is not the first time of China which is facing such issues because in 2002-2003 it had suffered from Servere Acute Respiratory syndrome, which killed approximately 800 people around 18 countries though lots of some billion dollars even its economy was 1.7 trillion dollars. The Ebola virus in 2014-2016 reduced the 53 billion dollars of China and SARS too in 2003, but coronavirus is stronger than these. There is no any proper treatment for it.