ISLAMABAD                -          A ‘wacky’ species of bug with strange sex organs and spiky horns has been named after the pop star Lady Gaga. The unusual appearance of the treehopper insect from Nicaragua — Kaikaia gaga — brings to mind the singer’s outlandish costumes. Treehoppers feed off of plants by piercing them with their beaks and sucking out sap.

They ‘sing’ to each other by creating vibrations that travel along plant stems. Entomologist Brendan Morris of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign named the insect after Lady Gaga in recognition of what he calls the artist’s ‘flamboyant, shape-shifting style’. ‘If there is going to be a Lady Gaga bug, it’s going to be a treehopper, because they have these crazy horns and a wacky fashion sense about them,’ he said.

‘They are unlike anything you’ve seen before. I love outrageous forms and colors. It blows my mind that a group that is roughly 40 million years old has so much diversity of form — diversity, I would argue, that we don’t see in any other family of insects.’ The freshly-named specimen — a female — was collected from a tropical forest on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast nearly 30 years ago and is distinct from other treehoppers found in the same area.