Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer ,Senator Sirajul Haq has criticized the mode of exercise adopted by the NAB to first arrest the accused and then start the investigation.

The entire anti-corruption campaign, he said while addressing a gathering at Mansoora on Friday, running under the umbrella of the National Accountability Bureau had become dubious with a general expression of political victimization in the name of accountability.

The prime minister, he said, badly failed to honor his commitment to start a clean anti-corruption move. In fact, he said, people had lost all hopes from this government and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The rulers, he said, bent upon damaging the every institution from economy to the ideology of the country. They were, he added, apparently making tall claims to turn the country into a Madina like state but practically making efforts to secularize the society. The religious seminaries were under attack and attempts were being made to take them under the control of the government, he said. The Madaris, he said, were acting as fortress of Islam and any move to bring damage to them will be resisted with full force. He reiterated Islam was the only force which could unite the nation and enforcement of Sharia was the solution to the country’s problems.

Talking about the coronavirus issue, Senator Siraj said the government should take the threat seriously and make all efforts to counter the pandemic. He said the government was expected to take full responsibility to diagnose and treat infected patients.

The JI chief expressed concern over the flawed economic policies of the government, saying the prime minister was issuing statement about decline in inflation but the ground situation was totally different. The prices of essential commodities were out of common man’s reach and thousands lost their jobs in past few months, he said. The viruses of corruption, unemployment and inflation, he said, were hitting hard the masses badly. The JI, he announced, would start a decisive movement against inflation from March 20.

He also criticized the attitude of so-called mainstream opposition parties, saying the princes and princesses who command the parties had only increased the problems of the masses. He said only JI was acting as a real opposition in the country.