ISLAMABAD - The sub committee of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Thursday decided to summon secretary of Interior and Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Rs 40 billion recovery case.  The convener of the Committee Ayaz Sadiq during the meeting said that FIA was not working seriously on many recovery cases. 

He also asked the committee to send notice to the FIA officer who attended the last meeting of the Committee. The audit official on embezzlement in custom duties informed the committee that the details of this case were with FIA and they were yet to provide the details of custom duties to the audit officials. However, in its response the FIA official told the Committee that the cases of FIA were shifted to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in 2004. 

Meanwhile, the Committee directed the FIA officials to submit their written reply to the committee within 7 days in this case. Meanwhile, the Committee also wrote letter to the Secretary of Law over the issue of stay orders in several cases. The convener of the committee on the occasion said that stay orders will be in affect till six months but there were some un-decided cases in courts due to stay orders for years. He also asked the Attorney General to revoke the stay orders and several cases and should resolve the issues as soon as possible.