PESHAWAR - The Prime Minister’s Focal Person for Panagahs (shelter homes), Na­seemur Rehman on Thursday said the Panagahs programme showed the Prime Minister’s deep sincerity and strong commitment to provide shelter to homeless people in a safe and secure environment.

Talking to media persons after vis­iting shelter home here at Pajjagai Road, Naseemur Rehman said: “There is no shortage of funds for this programme and sufficient re­sources were available to fulfil re­quirements of Panagahs. It is apo­litical programme in which the shelter-less people, irrespective of their political affiliations, can take advantage of it.”

“This pro-poor initiative of Prime Minister is a landmark programme in social sector, which provide the much- needed relief to thousands of passengers, homeless and shelter people in the country since its in­ception,” he maintained.

He said Pakistan was facing chal­lenges of climate change and the extreme weather conditions, that’s why the programme had been launched to provide relief to mar­ginalised people of the society.

Naeem elaborated around 50 shelter homes had been established in the country, including five in Pe­shawar from where 500,000 shel­ters-less people had benefited since its establishment. This programme was being extended to other dis­tricts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The focal person said that Pana­gahs would be constructed near dis­tricts headquarters hospitals for quick emergency medical services to poor people in future. He said there are about 119 public sector universi­ties in Pakistan and the Government was planning to involve the universi­ties students in this noble cause un­der the network of social responsi­bility. He said Pakistan was the only country where people generously contribute in charity funds.

Naseem who has vast experienc­es of working with foreign and na­tional relief organizations in so­cial sectors program has expressed complete satisfaction over the ar­rangements made at the Pajjagai shelter home.

Earlier, he held a detailed round of the shelter homes and mixed up with people and inquired about the facility being provided to them.

Meanwhile, the Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Chairman Muhammad Faiq Shah has asked the PTI gov­ernment to maintain its track re­cord in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as the party-led present provincial cabi­net has worsened good steps, which made in previous tenure in the province.

The ATP chairman acknowledged that the former PTI government had undertaken good initiatives in health, education sectors and police department. In the current PTI ten­ure in KP, he observed, the people have left on mercy of incompetent, allegedly corrupt ministers and ad­visors, which is strongly deplorable and unjust with them.

Faiq Shah was addressing to dif­ferent delegation and party leaders from parts of the country here at the party central secretariat on Thurs­day. Muhammad Awais Khan, Man­soor Qaiser Chouhan, Arsalan Shah, Ishtiaq Elahi and others were pres­ent in the meeting.

The party leader said the PM Imran Khan had always repeated ‘Mantra’ while addressing public gatherings that his government in­herited multiple economic challeng­es, including low foreign exchange reserves, a huge circular debt and fiscal and current account deficits as well as administrative, govern­ance and other issues from the pre­vious regimes.

But, he said the PTI had ruled over Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in last tenure, so the PTI must be answered to gen­eral public for its party led govern­ment failure in present term in the province that what sort of steps had so far taken for masses’ relief, wel­fare and wellbeing during last seven years of PTI rule in KP.