ISLAMABAD - Speaker at a seminar said that agricul­ture plays very important role in coun­try’s economy, so there is dire need to uplift Pakistan’s agro-economy.

They were speaking at ‘National Dia­logue on Agriculture’, organised by Na­tional Assembly Secretariat. The par­ticipants expressed their resolve to play a highly assertive role on main­streaming Agriculture in the national policy planning and budgeting. The top brass of the National Assembly vowed to play a highly assertive role on main­streaming agriculture in the nation­al policy planning and budgeting. The National Assembly speaker has also in­itiated debate on ‘Agriculture reforms’ in the house. The MNAs will also share their opinion and suggestion on it to­day in the house.

The declaration included mobilising investment in research, national efforts to reclaim the soil health and promote sustainable management of natural re­sources. It was also decided to main­stream youth and gender priorities in agriculture policy planning. The dia­logue urged the need to revamp Paki­stan’s Agriculture credit system so as to address the hurdles that prevent small farmers from accessing timely and cheap credit. On matters of enhancing Agricultural Export, it was decided to control the degeneration of seed and improve compliance with the interna­tional standards.

President of Pakistan Arif Alvi stressed the need to build new syner­gizes, mobilization of investment in Ag­riculture Research and enabling envi­ronment for the private sector to drive the Agriculture transformation agenda.

The dialogue addressed themes , which included Reorienting Pakistan Agriculture Research, extension and technology transfer frameworks, farm­ers access to credit, input for high­er yields, pathways got enhancing Pa­kistan agriculture export, women and youth in agriculture, integrated natural resource management, high value ag­ricultural products and value addition for a resilient agriculture sector.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was the chief guest of the con­clusion of dialogue. He remarked that given fragmented landholdings deteri­orated by market distortions and poor farmers lack of access to finance and markets precluded them from achiev­ing the economy of scale in agriculture.

Speaking on the occasion, the repre­sentatives of both the organisations af­firmed to continue this dialogue and ensure that the findings of dialogue translate into concrete outcomes.

The function was attended by the President of Pakistan as Chief Guest, Members of the Cabinet, opposition members, international financial insti­tutions and Agriculture specific inter­national organisations, ambassadors, farmers unions and technical experts.