The construction work of a school originally sponsored by US AID is near completion through Sindh Govt at the Sindhi Jamaat Cooperative Housing Society Ltd, Main National Highway, Distt. Malir. Obviously the inauguration work of the school will be made in near future.

Before inauguration, the Local Govt. department of Sindh Govt wanted to repair main roads inside the society particularly going to the school. The repair work of the roads obviously has been completed now. Strangely the limited main Road inside the society that is only way for entrance to the said school have partially been repaired leaving main broken parts of the Main Road without repair. Strangely, some other roads going to the residents of some members of the society have unnecessarily been repaired. That practice is highly objectionable without completing repair work of the Main Road in the society.When guests and other persons would come inside to attend the society for proposed inauguration of the US Aid School through the Main Gate, they would be shocked to see even limited Main Road was not properly repaired and left as broken.

We the residents of the society, hereby appeal to the concerned Sindh Minister for Local Bodies and also DMC Malir Chief to take notices of the required but left repair work and must complete it for the interest of the school urgently.