In his article 'Historical admissions of culpability' (Nation May 12, 2008), Dr. Farooq Hassan says in an interview given to BBC late last month, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari had said that PPP's rise to power this time was "because of agreements made by BB with foreign powers". After making this 'revelation', the writer then goes on to assert, "in terms of historical significance this admission of culpability must rank as unbelievable". He further says, "It is equally mind-boggling how openly he (Asif Zardari) admitted that foreign countries were privy to the 'deal' through which PPP was allowed to victory in the February 18 elections" and 'that such an open admission is unprecedented even in the banana republics'. Such sentences in the afore-mentioned interview that only he but nobody else noticed, can be attributed to sheer malice. There can be no other reason to explain it. Yes, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto employed her vast contacts and skills with the international community to increase pressure on the Musharraf regime not to rig the elections as massively as it had done in 2002. Although the Musharraf regime still rigged the February 2008 elections through massive manipulations during run up to the polls, but the pressure of the international community (persuaded by Mohtarma Bhutto) forced the regime not to resort to whole scale rigging. This is what PPP has been saying all along and this is what Mr. Asif Ali Zardari also said in his BBC interview. It must take extraordinary ignorance or malice or both to distort truth and conclude from it an admission by the PPP leader that "foreign countries were privy to the deal through which the PPP was allowed a victory in the February 18 elections".