LAHORE-With PML (N) pulling out of govt from Centre on the judges issue, all the attention is being diverted towards the Punjab as to what happens here next. It will be very important to see if the PPP also pulls out from the govt in the province following the footsteps of the PML (N) in Centre. It is also to be seen most importantly whether the PPP allows the PML (N) govt in Punjab to function smoothly and freely from now onwards. The political leaders and analysts are doubtful if the PPP govt in Centre will allow free hand to the Punjab govt led by the PML (N). It is widely believed that much will depend upon the response of the provincial govt towards the lawyers movement. In case the movement is bolstered and facilitated from 7-Club Road then how the PPP will react is too obvious. Nawaz Sharif while addressing the Press conference in Islamabad on Monday, while parting ways with the PPP, hoped that the lawyers and members of civil society would step up their struggle to reinstate judges. He also made it clear that he would himself be the part of the lawyers movement. On the other hand, the PPP govt functionaries including Rehman Malik have started issuing statements with threatening overtones. It is being stated from their side that maintaining law and order is the responsibility of the govt, which will never allow it to go out of control. These statements one could see, also contain the seeds of future confrontation between the two political allies. One could also see the Punjab Governor Khalid Maqbool back in picture once again. It is learnt that he met President Musharraf the other day. The insiders attached great important to the meeting between the President and the Governor. Khalid Maqbool was also seen with the Prime Minister during his two-day visit to the provincial capital. It is being assumed in the political circles that in coming days the Governor will be given an important role in running the affairs of the province. It is believed that powers to control law and order will be transferred to Governor. This will be done in view of PML (N) becoming a major stakeholder in the lawyers movement. This scenario implies that the Chief Secretary and IGP will be asked to report to Governor as far as the maintaining law and order is concerned. Both Chief Secretary and IGP are the representatives of the Federal govt. It will be difficult for them to defy the Federal govt orders. The bureaucracy, it seems, will have to walk on a tightrope in days to come as the two coalition partners split. It will be again interesting to see now onwards whether the bureaucracy takes its orders from PPP or PML (N) leadership. It is considered that it will be difficult for the top bureaucrats to report back to Chief Minister Khosa or CM- designate Shahbaz Sharif. All the political forces are watching the backlash of the split between the two partners in the Punjab. They are also watching with considerable interest whether Shahbaz Sharif finally lands in the Chief Minister's House or not. Well-informed sources claimed that forces that be would create troubles for Shahbaz Sharif in becoming the Chief Minister. They further claimed that the plan was already in place to stop him from becoming Chief Minister. Delay in elections schedule was widely considered as a move to put that plan into action. Both Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are due to file their nomination papers in day or two to contest by-elections due to be held on June 26. Shahbaz himself claimed that the Presidency had been conspiring to get his nomination papers rejected. Meanwhile, people are shocked to see the drop scene of the alliance between the two main political parties only within 40 days. Nobody expected them to part ways that soon, even the most cynic critics of the coalition govt had never imagined that the bonhomie between the two partners will end so soon. Nawaz Sharif, it appears, did not leave any room for any further reconciliation or rapprochement with the PPP after announcing the split. He did not even rule out the possibility of an early elections. He even made announcement that he would also contest by-elections. The sources said that had there been any room for reconciliation between the two parties over judges issue, Nawaz could have asked his Ministers to quit in phases. They could have start pulling out of the Cabinet by not attending the offices in the first place. The political circles say that after pulling out of the govt, the best option even for Nawaz Sharif will be an early elections.