ISLMABAD - The Ministry of Culture is in the process of revising its policy to meet the future challenges and it will be presented to the government for final approval within a month, TheNation has learnt here on Monday. "Ministry is finalising a national cultural policy, which takes into account the indispensability of culture as a vehicle for economic empowerment and human development. Currently it is under preparation and will be presented before the cabinet, probably within a month", a senior official of the Cultural Ministry informed. After a long 12 years, in 2007 the Ministry of Culture decided to revise the culture policy, which was formulated for sometimes in 1995. The revision follows over a decade and official of the Ministry claimed being in process of introducing a new revised policy, which would match with requirement of new developments. Last year, Additional Secretary of Cultural Ministry, Shahnaz Hamid was busy in process of introducing revised policy. Ministry also launched its website in order to obtain advice and comments on "The Draft Cultural Policy", however despite all claims the draft of revised policy could not be prepared even after long time of one year. " Ministry wanted to prepare positive and balanced policy, which had all essential characteristics, and that would only be possible after extensive discussion with wide array of vital stakeholders, including cultural departments of provinces and comments of general public", official of the Ministry observed while commenting on the issue. "Unfortunately, Ministry could not receive response from any side that would help in preparation of new comprehensive policy," he said adding "Only Punjab government gave some response during that period". Now the situation is that high officials are still claiming to introduce revised policy shortly, however, even majority of officials relating to the Cultural Ministry not have any information about contents of new policy.