ISLAMABAD/ Lahore - Preferring to retain public confidence and trust, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Monday decided to quit country's most shortest-lived coalition government of forty three days over differences regarding restoration of judges sacked by President Pervez Musharraf. "All ministers from his Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party will resign from their posts today (Tuesday), but the move will not destabilise the country's new-found democracy", former prime minister and party's Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif told a crowded news conference shortly after chairing the joint meeting of party's Central Working Committee and Parliamentary Party here at the Punjab House. He explained that his party had contested recent general elections on the issue of restoration of judges and joined the PPP-led coalition government on the sole condition that judges will be reinstated in the light of Murree Declaration. "Despite our all-out sincere efforts the judges have not been reinstated even on the second deadline set for 12 May, therefore, there was no justification of sitting in the government", PML Quaid retorted. He, however, made it clear that his party still wanted unconditional, dignified and honourable restoration of judges to pre-Nov 3 position and vowed to continue his efforts to remove what he described illegal and unconstitutional President Musharraf. "We will not be part of any conspiracy aimed at strengthening dictatorships," he said, adding that the PML-N would not rock the new government. "We will not sit on opposition benches for the time being," he said. He said that his party would continue cooperation with the PPP-led government in line with Charter of Democracy signed in London in 2006, adding that PML (N) would take its decision according to the issues discussed in the House. Nawaz Sharif also announced he will contest by-election on June 26 and vowed to continue the struggle for the judges' reinstatement. "We will become part of the movement for an honourable restoration of the judges. I will myself participate in it along with lawyers and civil society," he said. PML-N had nine ministers in the 24-member federal cabinet, formed six weeks ago. The decision to quit came after negotiations failed in London with Asif Ali Zardari, Co-Chairman of the PPP, to bridge their differences over the restoration of some 60 judges. Nawaz expressed disappointment after the talks failed, adding that he had made sincere efforts but the deadlock could not be broken. "I am personally anguished over pulling out of the coalition government," he said. Answering a question about the fate of coalition government in the Punjab, Nawaz said his party has left this issue to the discretion of PPP, second major partner in the provincial coalition government led by his party. When asked his party decision might destabilise the government because of the forthcoming budget, Nawaz Sharif posed counter question saying what could he do in the given situation. He also denied that there was ever any American pressure on him or his party to toe certain policies. "Frankly, there was no pressure and we do not take any pressure from outside", he concluded. Agencies add: Nawaz expressed disappointment after the weekend talks with Zardari failed to resolve the deadlock. He said he made sincere efforts but the deadlock could not be broken. Nawaz said: "PPP has failed to keep its promise and that is why we have decided to part ways with the coalition government. "You know very well by now that no breakthrough could be achieved on the issue of restoration of deposed judges after holding marathon negotiations with the Pakistan People's Party." PPP and PML-N committed in the Murree Declaration to reinstate the deposed judges to Nov 2 position by passing a resolution in the Parliament within 30 days of coming into power. "We left no stone unturned to keep our promise made in the Murree Declaration," he said, adding, "I had to go to Dubai and then London to hold negotiations with the PPP on the issue but to no avail." Talking to media men after landing at Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore on Monday, PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif has said that restoration of judges is the lifeline of Pakistan. "If the judges could not be restored on pre-November 3 position, pillars of state would collapse ultimately." He said PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif had announced to quit the coalition after the talks failed on the issue of restoration of judges. "But party would not be part of any conspiracy to destabilise the system," he added. He said that PML-N would not do anything, which could benefit President Musharraf. "We want to see system stronger and powerful, thus would keep supporting it in greater national interests," he said. He said if the coalition government lasted longer, it would have been better. He said, "We did all out efforts to keep it intact. Since the promise made with us in Murree Declaration could not be fulfilled, we had no other option but to leave the coalition government with heavy hearts," he added. "We are aggrieved on break-up but are more distressed on breaking up of promise made with us to restore the judges on May 12 through resolution and an executive order," he pointed out He asserted that the PML-N was bound to follow the Charter of Democracy and all the decision would be made in its light. On the directives of PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif party would come out on roads along with the lawyers, civil society and APDM on the issue of restoration of judges. Those claiming that instead the issue of judges, there are more issues including law and order, price-hike and economic debacle, he said: "Everyone should keep this point into his mind that judges issue was inter-linked with all the matters. If justice could not prevail and judges were not reinstated, situation would turn to bad to worse," he added. He attributed Presidential House as hub of conspiracies. He said that currently Musharraf was hatching a new conspiracy and all allies had joined hands with him. "The new intrigue is getting mature to reject his nomination papers to contest the by-elections," he added. Replying a question, he said as PPP was the largest party in centre, so PML-N supported it to form government respecting mandate of people and later PPP did the same in Punjab. He said it was upto PPP what to do in current situation in the province.