ISLAMABAD - Senate on Monday passed three bills unanimously moved by a private member opposition Senator Chaudhry Muhammad Anwar Bhinder as first legislation by the coalition government. The one of the three bills, passed by the Senate is for restriction on dowry and marriage gifts [The Dowry and Marriage Gifts (Restriction) Bill, 2008. The other bill is to further amend the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 [The Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Bill, 2008 and the third one is regarding to amend the Limitation Act, 1908 [The Limitation (Amendment) Bill, 2008]. The dowry and marriage gifts bill restricts dowry to Rs 30,000 while the bridal gifts should not exceed Rs 50,000. The list of dowry and bridal gifts will be attached with the marriage certificate (Nikahnama) and at the time of divorce, wife would own the said gifts and dowry. Chaudhry Anwar Bhinder said the bill would provide relief to the poor parents and also save the lavish expenses on marriage. He said it would also facilitate the divorced wives and save them from lengthy litigation. Bhinder said the 1976 act restricted the lavish expenditure on marriages dowry to Rs 5,000 but it could not be enforced. Bhinder thanked the government for passing these bills unanimously and said such cordial atmosphere in the house should continue which will greatly enhance the honor and respect of the Upper House of the parliament. He said a good precedent has been set in the Senate and assured that any undisputed legislation will be fully supported by the opposition.