This is in relation to the atrocious incident that took place yesterday in a locality of Karachi where a man hanged himself because he was under pressure due to his family being subjected to verbal abuse by the collection personnel of a bank. This is nothing new in our metropolis. This has been happening for the last four years since the private banks, both local and foreign, started outsourcing their 'recovery' or collection' departments to third-party gangs operating as collection agencies. The staff of these agencies consists of repulsive thugs who misbehave with a defaulting bank customer, and even his family, with an intent to intimidate. These 'collection personnel' are offered hefty 'commissions' upon recovery of any amount. Consequently, the poor customer faces threats, embarrassment and disgrace in front of his family and neighbourhood and is often also charged a heavy late payment fee. -S. NASIR R. ZAIDI, Karachi, via e-mail, April 28.