KARACHI - The Sensitive Prices Index (SPI) showed 24.94 per cent inflation in the month of April 2008 over the same month of last year. However, the Consumer Price Index reflected 17.21 per cent inflation during last month as against April 2007. Federal Bureau of Statistics has pointed out in its Monthly Prices Review for April 2008 that the Consumer Price Index of April, 2008 has increased by 3.04 per cent over March, 2008 and by 17.21 per cent over April of previous year. The main commodities, which showed an increase in their prices during April 2008 over March 2008 are as under, Eggs (27.36 per cent), Fresh fruits (26.09 per cent), wheat flour (22.37 per cent), chicken farm (16.32 per cent), potatoes (9.74 per cent), wheat (8.60 per cent), rice (8.07 per cent), pulse gram (6.70 per cent), besan (6.60 per cent), onions (5.73 per cent), maida (4.60 per cent), cooking oil (3.38 per cent), pulse masoor (3.24 per cent), milk products (3.19 per cent), milk fresh (3.16 per cent), honey (2.28 per cent), cereals (1.83 per cent), sweet meat & nimco (1.80 per cent), beverages (1.66 per cent), ready made food (1.46 per cent), gram whole (1.34 per cent), meat (1.17 per cent) and dry fruits (0.92 per cent). Apparel, textile & footwear, Cotton cloth (2.85 per cent), footwear (2.79 per cent), hosiery (1.13 per cent), tailoring charges (1.01 per cent) and readymade garments (0.91 per cent).Fuel and lighting, Firewood (1.12 per cent). Household, furniture & equipments etc, Electronic Iron fans & washing machine (4.73 per cent), furniture ready made (3.50 per cent), plastic products (1.91 per cent), house hold equipments (1.62 per cent), house hold ser vents (1.50 per cent), refrigerator & air conditioners (1.42 per cent), utensils (1.17 per cent), furnishing (1.01 per cent) and marriage hall charges (0.84 per cent). Transport & communication, Transport fare charges (14.72 per cent), diesel (13.53 per cent), petrol (9.51 per cent), vehicles (2.18 per cent) and service charges (1.79 per cent). Education:- Tuition fee ((2.73 per cent) and stationery (2.14 per cent). Cleaning, laundry & personal appearance, Laundry charges (3.80 per cent) and washing soap detergent (1.84 per cent). Medicare, Doctor fee (1.35 per cent).  The main commodities, which showed a decrease in their prices during April 2008 over March, 2008 are as under, Tomatoes (28.28 per cent), vegetables (19.38 per cent), gur (4.84 per cent), sugar (1.61 per cent), pulse moong (1.60 per cent), and vegetables ghee (1.30 per cent). According to the data issued by the Federal Bureau of Statistics the CPI, SPI and WPI in tenth months from July to April of the year 2007-08 have increased by 10.27 per cent, 14.09 per cent and 13.70 per cent respectively over the corresponding period of 2006-07. The data said that CPI, SPI and WPI in the month of April 2007-08 have increased by 17.21 per cent, 24.94 per cent and 23.50 per cent respectively, as against the same month of corresponding period of 2006-07, it increased by 6.92 per cent, 8.31 per cent and 6.03 per cent respectively, in 2006-07 over the corresponding period of 2005-06 and in 2005-06, increased by 6.16 per cent, 6.82 per cent and 8.10pc respectively over the same period of 2004-05.