The judiciary would not have been an issue, if there had been justice and rule of law in Pakistan. The problems that common working class or middle class people face are unemployment, discrimination, inflation, poor law and order, exploitation, abuse of the so-called discretionary powers by employers, denial of basic rights and basic necessities. I am a salaried low middle class employee of a state owned corporation in the aviation sector. One fine day out of the blue, my services were terminated without any notice by the management in violation of corporation rules and my basic rights enshrined in 1973 constitution. There is no precedent to my knowledge of such a blatant irregularity. In desperation we approached the courts for justice. Our employers have hired a lawyer who has served as the chief law officer of the federation. Half the judges of the court have served as this lawyer's assistant, before their recent employment as judges. In fact he was instrumental in their recent appointment as judges. Ethics and norms dictate that these judges and this lawyer should not take this case. But they do. So at the end of the day we find that an independent judiciary holds the key to all our problems. I am sure that had such a judiciary been present, we would not have been dismissed arbitrarily, in total violation of corporation rules. -JAMIL. A., Islamabad, via e-mail, April 25.