KARACHI - Despite the central bank's intervention to stabilize market exchange rate to a certain level, the dollar-rupee exchange rate gap between kerb and the inter bank markets had widened to Re 1 on Monday, The Nation has learnt. On Monday, in the opening session, the dollar-rupee exchange rate (buying) in kerb market was at Rs 69.7 and selling at Rs 68.7 respectively while in the inter-bank market, the rupee was being traded at Rs 68.40 for buying and Rs 69.40 for buying.  The dollar-rupee exchange in the open market once again had shot up close to Rs 70. However, before the closing of open market, the manipulators again reduced the dollar-rupee exchange rate fell below 69 in the open market. It is interesting to note despite different attempts made by the central bank the rupee was consistently showing volatility against the US dollar in the open market and inter-bank operations, sources said. According to forex sources, the rupee depreciated further against greenback in the open market dealings amid increasing demand of greenback. The US dollar started off new day's trading at Rs.68/00, continued to post gains and reached close to Rs 70, but the exchange rate squeezed around Rs.68.30 just before the closing markets on Monday. Capital market sources disclosed that, the govt might increase discount rates soon to shelve excess money supply due to a sharp devaluation of rupee against dollar coupled with depleting foreign exchange reserves & rising international oil prices which heightened concerns over the deteriorating macroeconomic situation. The sources further said that the flight of capital abroad in equity market trading also triggered rupee depreciation verses dollars in the local currency   markets. According to them, about 150 million dollars of capital is being shifted to Dubai per day from Pakistani investors in real estate and other sectors of business.          They said the SBP Governor's statement of expected inflows of 3.5 billion dollars could not reign in the speculators and the manipulators. They said that the Competition Commission of Pakistan should investigate the cartelization in the currency markets in the country. Otherwise, the dollar-rupee exchange would further surge in the country amid speculations, although the US currency has shown a significant depreciation against most of the international currencies, including Indian rupee. It may be noted here that for the past couple of weeks the speculators and currency market manipulators were driving the dollar-rupee exchange rate and minting money.