Mr Javed Elahi's lamentations (April 25) that some 'powers that be' manipulated things in a way as to run down the image of Q-League, indicates the frustration of the stalwarts of previous government. Crises are manipulated, not by angels but by men with appetite for money. Many a crisis took place during the Q-Leagues' governance. Javed Elahi should understand that man does not live by bread alone. The previous government might have initiated development projects for the welfare of the people in the southern Punjab. But the worst sin it did was that it stood by a dictator who was all out to reduce institutions to a naught. The Q-Leaguers were instrumental to the sustenance of his military dictatorship in Pakistan. They danced to the tune of Musharraf to decimate judiciary and other institutions. People were aware of their negative role in the national politics. So they rejected the Q-League. In future, masses would not stand with a political party that overtly or covertly, sides with a dictatorship. Masses are now wide-awake, thanks to the role of mass media. -MANZOOR MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, April 27.