LAHORE - The PIA management has made operational its grounded aircrafts Boeing 747s and spokesman of the Flight Engineers Association (FENA) has welcomed the PIA management decision to undo the hasty decision made by former the MD to ground Boeing 747s, which are airworthy and have a capacity of carrying over 433 passengers on high density Saudia and regional routes and other profitable sectors. The restoration of Boeing 747 fleet on which PIA had invested over $85 million in 2007, will boost PIA's cash reserves and give it the capacity to carry more passengers. The spokesman also appreciated the popular decision of new management to terminate contracts of senior executives who were being paid exorbitant salaries. This two-tier salary structure where regular employees were paid a fifth of salary of contract executives, had demoralised the vast majority. The past three years when the HR section in particular was monopolised by contract executives, who had no experience in aviation had witnessed the darkest era of PIA, where losses had mounted by the day and the management had abused its so called powers of discretion by blatantly violating PIA rules and regulation. This had forced PIA employees to seek justice from courts in large numbers, against the arbitrary decisions, where regular permanent employees were discriminated and services of large numbers terminated, in violation of PIA rules and various decisions of superior judiciary, which clearly disallow such injustices. Aviation is a specialised field and commercial aviation airline experience is a mandatory requirement for technical assignments. FENA hopes that PIA rules will be respected and merit prevails, so that the airline can come out of the serious financial crisis that it has suffered due to mismanagement, poor planning and other irregularities. FENA is sure that all PIA employees and the management would restore passenger confidence, regain its lost clients, which comprised of 95 percents Pakistani ethnic origin, by offering reliable schedules.