LAHORE-Despite being the single largest party in Punjab after having absorbed almost all the independent members of the provincial assembly, the PM-N, which has opted to pull out of the coalition government in the Centre, is not in a position to run the show in Punjab on its own if the PPP withdraws its support any time. As per current party position in Punjab Assembly, the PML-N lacks the simple majority needed to keep its government intact in the province. The PML-N has 161 members in the House which currently comprises 353 members, as 18 seats are still lying vacant and would be filled after the upcoming by-elections. If calculated by the existing strength of the House, a party needs 178 members to prove its simple majority, and in case the PPP withdraws its support, the PML-N would be short of 17 members to secure the required number. Keeping in view the present composition of the House, the PPP is the second largest political force in Punjab with 103 members, followed by the PML-Q and PML-F which have got 83 and three seats respectively. The MMA (JUI-F) has two members. One member, Saeed Akbar Niwani is still maintaining his independent status in the assembly. In the event of any possible split between the PPP and the PML-N in Punjab, the latter can rely on the support of only three PML-F legislators. The two MMA members are less likely to vote for it, as JUI is part of the PPP-led coalition government in the Centre. Similarly, Saeed Akbar Niwani would also prefer to side with the party which is coming into power. Under the given situation, the PML-N badly needs the support of the PPP to remain in power in the biggest province of the country, especially when its leadership is averse to the idea of making any alliance with the PML-Q. As the things stand now, the PPP leadership has already announced not to topple the PML-N Government in Punjab, but obviously, this would be reciprocal in the sense that PPPP would continue to support the PML-N in Punjab as long as the latter does the same in Centre. Meanwhile, the PPP has decided to remain part of the Punjab cabinet and the PML-N has also left this matter to former's sweet will. Commenting on PPP's decision not to quit the Punjab cabinet after the PML-N's withdrawal from the federal cabinet, party's Punjab Secretary Information, Farzana Raja said that PML-N did so because it had taken a stance that its ministers would resign in case the deposed judges were not restored within the stipulated time. But the PPP, she maintained, had not taken any such position to pull out of the Punjab Government under any circumstances.