Pakistan People's Party Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari Monday said that his party would keep up its support for Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz in Punjab and no new ministers would be brought in place of N-league ministers who would tender their resignation, reported a private TV channel. Zardari said he would wait for the comeback of the friends from Muslim League-N in the cabinet, adding their (N-League's) cabinet seats will be kept vacant. Zardari averred the impeachment of President Pervez Musharraf only after getting two-thirds majority. The PPP leader said he is not willing to go for the option of cooperation from Q-League. Punjab government cannot hold together without PPP, he maintained. He  said the name for the office of Finance Ministry would be announced today (Tuesday). Talking to private TV channel, Zardari said that he would hold talks with PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif and would not let him leave the coalition. He said that no one would be allowed to derail PML-N's government in Punjab. To a question, he said his party wanted judges' reinstatement and stability of democracy in Pakistan, but he asserted that judges could not be restored through a resolution. Staff Reporter from Lahore adds: PPP has said that the decision by the coalition partner PML (N) to tender resignations from the Federal Cabinet was only a pause in the process to reinstate the deposed judges and not a breakdown. In a statement issued here on Monday, the party spokesperson and ex-Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the decision would weaken neither the determination to strengthen the coalition nor the resolve to restore the sacked Judges. He said that the Ministries vacated by the PML-N will not be filled and the course of dialogue will be pursued to resolve the issue amicably and in a spirit of accommodation and mutual trust. We are committed to strengthen the Parliament also, he added. However, it may not be possible to keep the office of Minister of Finance vacant for long as this is the budget season and there are pressing economic issues that call for the effective presence of a full time Minister of Finance, he said. He said that the PPP welcomed the decision of Mian Nawaz Sharif to contest by-elections from Rawalpindi and said his party would not put up its candidate against the PML-N Quaid. The PPP has also decided not to withdraw its support to the coalition govt in Punjab, he added. The spokesperson said that PPP still believes that the issue with the coalition partner would be resolved amicably and the judges would be restored. The effects of the acts of November 3 and the illegal sacking of judges should be undone in a legal and lawful manner, he maintained. He said that after it had been agreed upon that the sacked judges would be reinstated without affecting the present judges, the issue that remained to be addressed was how to do it. Different opinions were expressed in the Committee of legal experts set up for the purpose after the meetings in Dubai, he said. Elaborating his party's view point, he said that by restoring the Nov 2 judges and also keeping the present judges intact, as agreed, the number of the judges in the SC would increase to more than 25. However, under the Judges Act 1997 the number of SC judges can be no more than 17, he said. Babar said a predominant opinion was that the implementation of the resolution would require an amendment in the Judges Act 1997 to permit for more than 17 judges as allowed under the Act at present. The Prime Minister cannot lawfully increase the number of judges of Supreme Court from 17 to more than 25 merely by issuing an Executive Order, he said, while adding that it has to be done through an Act of Parliament. He further said that the action of Nov 3 was Constitutionally, politically and morally wrong. Therefore there was no doubt that the sacked judges have to be restored and the Constitutional amendments, decisions and orders made after Nov 3 be reversed if not indemnified by the Parliament. The only question is how best to do it, he said. It is important that correct and lawful procedures were adopted to undo a grave wrong, he said. He said that the PPP Co-Chairman would return to Pakistan in the next two days to resume dialogue with the PML-N.