I was really shocked by the news that Chief Minister Sindh has ordered sacking of over 8000 employees appointed by the previous government and issued orders to the concerned district accounts officers to withhold their salaries. This order of the CM is taken in haste and negates his own party's manifesto under which they had promised to provide jobs to the masses, not take them. Besides, if such a large number of employees are sacked and their salaries stopped, starvation and frustration among people will increase. As per my knowledge, many among them were appointed on the 'son quota' as per policy of the government. Nowadays, it is very difficult to make both ends meet. People are committing suicides due to poverty and unemployment. The Chief Minister Sindh should have maintained the status quo till had details of some sort of inquiry about these people. Simply sacking government employees upon change of the government is against rules of governance and humanitarian laws. I do hope that CM Sindh will reconsider his decision in order to save thousands of poor families from starvation. -GHULAM KADIR SHAHANI, Hyderabad, via e-mail, April 27.