ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Peoples Party expressed its firm resolve to continue dialogue with the PML-N, emphasising that the decision by the coalition partners to tender resignations does not mean the breaking up of the coalition government, says a Press release issued here on Monday. 'The coalition set up symbolises the path of reconciliation adopted by the Peoples Party. We took up this path after a lot of hard work and sacrifices made by our Party workers and our leader Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. There is no reversal from this path now,' said Sherry Rehman Central Information Secretary Pakistan Peoples Party. Sherry Rehman is also the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, and Minister for Health. Sherry stressed that the resignation of the PML-N members from the cabinet should not be taken as a negative signal, as it does not mean the breaking of the coalition. "If anything, it is meant to strengthen democracy. They have taken the decision in line with their pledge to step aside if the judges issue is not resolved on time. This is their democratic right and we respect this. The cabinet posts left vacant by the PML-N members will not be filled. The PPP is very clear that the course of dialogue will be pursued to resolve the issue amicably." Sherry said that for her Party, there are no two ways about the fact that the actions of November 3 were unconstitutional and illegal."Hours after the November 3 Martial Law was declared, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto flew back from Dubai and held a Press conference to strongly denounce the move. Our party workers were subjected to arrests, harassments and torture by the state authorities to crush our resolve to protest the move. Mohtarma herself was kept under a house arrest for over a week, Sherry recalled. She said that all these sacrifices were made because the PPP was clear in its stand against the Martial Law and the suspension of the judiciary. She said that the PPP resolve to restore the pre November 3 judiciary should not be doubted. We have no differences with the PML-N over the restoration of the judiciary. The only point of disagreement is the method of restoration, Sherry emphasized. She said that the implementation of the resolution would require an amendment in the Judges Act 1997 to permit for more than 17 judges that the current Act allows. The Prime Minister cannot increase the number of judges of the Supreme Court from 17 to more than 25 merely by issuing an executive order. It has to be done through an Act of the Parliament." She said that being a responsible government that is answerable to the public, the PPP would never force the PM to take an unlawful step to rectify the mistakes of the past. Democracy demands patience. There are no overnight solutions to the mess the country has been left with by the nine years of misrule and mismanagement. The public and the media is requested to understand and respect that the PPP's resolve to uphold the sanctity of the parliament. We cannot break laws to create new laws. The judges issue will be resolved, but only the right method would be followed.