The power crisis in the country has been worsening day by day and is likely to worsen more as soon as the summer season is fully set in and the air conditioners are on. Until now, weather is bearable, but the moment Sawan/Bhadon arrives, the public will come out on the street to agitate against load shedding. To overcome the situation, the government should set aside all other issues for the time being and resolve the power crises on war footing. The cabinet should meet daily to review the situation and take necessary steps. Pakistan's friends, especially the Muslim world, should be approached to help Pakistan in meeting its power requirements. United States of America should come forward to help its biggest ally, Pakistan. In this connection, we should be thankful to the UAE government who has generously gifted us 320 MW power turbines to Pakistan. It has also been reported that a UK firm, named International Power, has shown interest in investing more in Pakistan to expand KAPCO's power generation capacity by 400 MW and raising capacity of the Uch Power Plant by 600 MW for meeting growing demand of electricity in the country. The government should explore similar other avenues. -K.H. ZAHIDI, Lahore, via e-mail, April 26.