ISLAMABAD - The speakers at a seminar here on Monday said the world must focus on economic development of Afghanistan, stressing the need for finding out a political solution of the problem instead of military one. The international seminar, 'Afghanistan: Unabated Turmoil' was organised by Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad.  "Economic nation building of Afghanistan should be done on war footing and the local culture of the region should not be disturbed", they said and added that new Taliban should also be included in the peace process.   The speakers discussed the reasons of Talbanisation in Afghanistan and also gave its solution to root out the problem. Brig (R) Mehmood Shah said Talbanisation had spread in Afghanistan due to Lord culture in the country, and the local people felt protection in Talibanisation. He was of the view that the people of tribal areas did not want Talbanisation but they gave preference to their elders, Malik and Jirga system. "Poverty of education, wealth, health, child labour should be removed from the region, the military operation should be halt in the area and the world should try to win the hearts of people to overcome the problem", he said. Marvi Nisar Memon said that the people of Afghanistan were not extremists. "The world also committed atrocities against the people of the area for instance military operation against them by America and its allies have killed thousands of Afghans", she held. She said that the military operation in Afghanistan should be halted and the world should try to find out political solution of the problem. "Eighty percent of Afghans depend on agriculture sector and most of them cultivate opium that is illegal crop and Islam also condemns the cultivation of this crop", she added. She said the world should support the Afghans in cultivating other crops and to promote commercial and industrial sectors in the country that could provide employment to the people of the region.   Shahzadi Beg said that there is a need to change the mentality of the people of the country through modern institutes and the world should establish institutes of modern studies in Afghanistan. She said that the US should not withdraw its forces from Afghanistan before completing infrastructure and development work there otherwise the same situation could be created when the USSR withdrew its forces form there.