LAKKI MARWAT - A group of armed tribesmen of Alikhel clan of Bhettani tribe reportedly attacked officials of the political administration by opening fire on them near the newly constructed FR headquarters building at the outskirts of Tajori on Monday. "The armed miscreants escaped after personnel of Khasadar force also retaliated to firing", sources told saying that no casualties took place on either side as a result of exchange of firing. "Two officials of FR Lakki political administration namely Tazagul and Muhammad Alam along with some personnel of Khasadar force were going to the FR headquarters from Pokh picket when they came under fire by a group of armed tribesmen", sources told. They said that the attackers belonged to Alikhel clan of Bhetanni tribe. The Khasadar force personnel action against wheat and flour smugglers on Pokh picket a few days back might have provoked the attackers to take revenge from the officials of political administration. Sources told that a few days ago three alleged food smugglers were reportedly injured after personnel of Khasadar force posted at Pokh picket opened fire on their pickup full of wheat and flour bags when they (smugglers) did not follow the signal to stop. "The pickup used for transportation of commodities to the tribal area was owned by Alikhel clan," sources maintained.