WASHINGTON - A US State Department official, asked to comments on PML-N's decision to quit the government over differences regarding the reinstatement of judges, said Monday it would continue to encourage all parties to work together in the best interest of the Pakistani people. "Our general interest is that we want to see the Pakistan government working with all the parties to act in the best interests of the Pakistani people," the official, who asked not to be identified, told The Nation. He said that Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher's meetings in London with PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif and PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari were part of regular conversations the U.S officials have with Pakistani leaders, and not for any mediation. "(O)ur understanding is that the announced withdrawals (of PML-N ministers) do not constitute a withdrawal of PML-N support from the coalition government," the official said. "We continue to encourage all parties to work together to support a government that will act in the best interests of the Pakistani people and focus on solving Pakistan's challenges." Meanwhile, at the State Department briefing, Spokesman  Seam McCormack said the problem of judges' restoration and political arrangements were issues for Pakistanis to decide.   But he declared the United States "will continue to work with the government on issues of mutual concern." Washington neither wants to nor can answer questions pertaining to political system of Pakistan and the Pakistanis themselves will have to address them, he said while answering questions. "I leave it to others to describe the details of what the political parties said they would or would not do --- my understanding is that the government will continue to function at this point," McCormack said. He said the issues including how the Pakistanis arrange themselves politically, who is on the coalition, who is not and the question for judges are "all things for the Pakistanis to answer. "We neither want to, nor can answer these questions for the Pakistani political leaders and their political system - they are going to have to address this." He was confident of working with the Pakistani government on fighting terror, working with them to develop a better kind of Pakistan, with greater freedom, greater prosperity. "So we are going to continue working with them - how they arrange themselves politically, the platform of the government - those are the decisions for Pakistani government to make."