Nothing was more encouraging than to see our security forces back in action against the Taliban terrorists. The advancement of Taliban in Swat, Bunair and the adjoining areas was a matter of serious concern for most people in Pakistan. News about ceding various parts of our homeland to these radicals had created much discontent and trepidation in public ranks. Many of those who were previously supporting Taliban have now been convinced and gained cognizance of their true motives and the evil spirit behind the Taliban movement which has noting to do with Islam. The suspicion about Swat Accord collapsing has now become a reality due to increasing insurgency of these armed militants. In the wake of rising public disappointment and lack of confidence in the present regime's capability to tackle the situation, take timely action and draw a unified response from all spheres of armed forces, this newfound determination to tackle the problem is encouraging. It is really heartening to see that authorities this time are resolute, a fact endorsed and appreciated by a vast majority including even the right-wing political parties. Taliban are losing support at an exponential rate and their activities have enabled people to discern clearly between Islam and terrorism. -ALI AMMAR, Karachi, via e-mail, April 28.