BALOCHISTAN Governor Nawab Zulfikar Magsi has rightly asked the provincial government to rein in the nationalists involved in burning of the national flag in the education centres and preventing students from reciting the national anthem. He has, however warned that the federal government could take action on its own, in case the province failed to do so. Apart from the deteriorating law and order situation in the province where attacks on government installations, railway lines, gas pipelines, police stations have become a routine, the burning of the national flag appears to be a new strategy of the hardliners. By doing this they hope to indoctrinate the Balochi youth to initiate them into their nefarious designs. This is a serious situation and the provincial government ought to take note of it because those who have been doing so want to weaken the federation by flaring up separatist sentiments. This is not quite the way to champion the struggle for the rights of the people of Balochistan. No one would disagree over the view that the provinces socio-economic development needs to be taken up on an emergency basis but advocating separation as symbolised by the flag-anthem incidents is not justified under any circumstances.