IT is quite surprising to learn that out of $1.9 billion of the US aid, almost half would be spent on enhancing the security of US embassy and consulates in Pakistan. This belies the common impression given by the American leadership that the sum is directed at strengthening the countrys economy. It sounds pretty devious. Pakistan is in desperate need of capital for the provision of basic services like education and health, especially in the restive region. Helping Pakistan build its economy would result in more effectively rooting out militancy. As it is, economy is showing little signs of recovery. The fight against militancy is exacting a heavy toll on the capital markets. The protection of US missions in the country could not serve the purpose of improving the economy. Then, there are problems arising out of the on-going military operation. This is a sad reflection on the way US intends utilising the aid while its official, political and media circles keep harping on the theme of billions of dollars doled out to Pakistan. Strangely also, the Americans insist on the right use of the aid. The money should be utilised for the purpose it is touted to be spent. There is this flood of IDPs, which according to rough estimates could go up to one million. One would have thought that the Obama administration would come forward and allocate a sizeable amount for their dire need, apart from $1.9 billion rather than be content with allocating a meagre $4.9 million.