LAHORE - Editor-in-Chief daily The Nation and Chairman Nazria Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami has said that the time has come to force the US to go out of Pakistan in order to save our nuclear assets and destabilisation of Pakistan. And if the rulers do not say America to get out, we should get rid of them. He was addressing a special sitting titled 'Present Situation And Our Responsibilities organised by the Nazria Pakistan Trust (NPT) in collaboration with the Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust at the Aiwan-e-Karkunaan Tehrik-e-Pakistan here on Tuesday. Former foreign secretary Riaz Khokhar was the key speaker. Majid Nizami regretted that Pak troops were fighting against its own people. He said, It is ridiculous when our forces claim to kill so many mujahideen daily. He said that making experiment for Islam is no sin as it was the wish of the Quaid and Inshallah Pakistan will survive as Islamic State. He asked the audience to determine their responsibilities in order to protect the sovereignty and solidarity of the country. We have three enemies, not one, they have tripartite alliance against us, he pointed. He said that Afghanistan voted against Pakistan in the UNO. Karzai, once a restaurant owner in Bostan, is now Afghan President who stood on the right side of US President Obama and Zardari on the left. Afghanistan is more important for the US. It is interested in Pakistan only to snatch our nuclear assets. Majid Nizami said, What is happening in Swat and Buner is nothing but a conspiracy to destabilise Pakistan. We cannot fight India with conventional weapons. It is afraid of our atomic missiles. Unfortunately, he said, Zardari, Gilani or Qureshi are B-team while he prays to Allah to give us A-team in order to face America and Israel. He said that Nawaz Sharifs popularity was at its peak adding, I dont know whether it is true or not. Any how, let Allah grant him wisdom and courage to make this country an Islamic welfare state. Addressing on the occasion, former foreign secretary Riaz Khokhar said that protection of Israel, control over Arabs oil resources, blockade to Chinas military and economic strength and to sustain as a super power was Americas sole purpose for which India being a big economic and military might is its ally. He said we were facing situation which was worst than 1971. India is in the eastern border and allied forces on the west while Iran and China have reservations on the increasing US influence in Pakistan and are worried of our integrity. He said if allied forces failed in Afghanistan and common people were fighting against them, how could Pakistan succeed against people in tribal areas. The Army, he said, should not start operation in tribal areas under US pressure. It is not true to say India would not be a threat to Pakistan. Zardari should explain how it is not threat, he questioned. He said Zardari was pursuing Musharrafs policies and was practising presidential form of government instead of parliamentary democracy adding that we should abolish amendments in the Constitution and seriously think about the present challenges. He invited Editor-in-Chief daily The Nation Majid Nizami to call APC if the government failed to convene it. Replying to a question, he said through Afghan Trade Transit, India would send arms and military equipments to Afghanistan. He said Pakistan was in difficulty. FATA, Swat and Buner are burning. One million people have migrated. We should open our eyes and see what is happening in FATA, NWFP and Balochistan.