ISLAMABAD - The Opposition and the treasury Members of the National Assembly Tuesday supported the government on military operation against militants in Malakand Division and asked to provide basic facilities for the rehabilitation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of war torn areas of NWFP. The debate continued on military operation in Swat on the second day in the National Assembly. The Members also appealed to every citizen, civil society, and political and non-political parties for assistance of displaced people of Malakand, Swat and Buner. They also asked the government to devise a strategy and to take decisive measures to root out terrorists from the country. They said that the whole nation should fully support and stand behind the Pakistan Army to flush out militancy from the country. Sahibzada Muhammad Fazal-e-Karim of PML-N while participating in the debate said that those elements must be punished under Article 6 of the Constitution who challenged the writ of the government, cut the throats of Muslims and staged mutiny against the Constitution of Pakistan. He said that the government should find out the root causes of terrorism and unearth the sources of its financial support. The military is strengthening and defending the country by conducting operation against the militants. The parliament should decide about those people who staged mutiny against the Constitution of the country, he said. Sahibzada Fazal Karim also quoted a Hadith (Tradition of the Holy Prophet, PBUH) that said that there would be a group, which would follow the agenda of Jews in the name of Islam. Sahibzada Fazal Karim said that none other than the former President Musharraf was responsible for Swat upheaval. He said that those parties which asked to stop the military operation, actually wanted to split the country. Marvi Memon of PML-Q also supported the military operation in Swat and said, You cant have the cake and eat it too. We supported Nizam-e-Adl for peace but after it the writ of the government was challenged. We would support the government and strengthen it for military operation against the militants. She said that the government should explain how the Taliban violated peace agreement in Swat. She was of the view that RAW was busy in destabilizing the country, and said, Our Armed Forces are fully equipped to give a befitting response to the enemies of the country. About displaced persons, she said that the government should formulate a strategy in this regard and establish IDPs cell under the Prime Minister including representation of all the provinces in it. She also opposed the Transit Trade Agreement and the reduction of nuclear capability and research work. Haider Abbas Rizvi of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) said that his party fully supported the stance of the Prime Minister about military operation against the militants. He said that the government should review the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation (NAR) as after Swat operation it had no importance now. He said that there was a dire need to bring reforms in Dini Madrassas. Taking part in the debate, Ayaz Amir of PML-N said it would be better for Pakistan to come out of the Swat operation as soon as possible. Military action can be successful if the leadership is strong enough to face the situation, he said. Ayaz Amir said that the National Assembly, Cabinet and Prime Minister should come forward for a joint decision to tackle the issues. The government should tell the US about its priorities saying that Pakistan is playing a key role in the war against terrorism, he said. He urged the Prime Minister, President and Cabinet members to visit the affected areas to encourage the Army and the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Religious Affairs Minister Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi said that it was not an issue of sectarianism but a matter relating to sovereignty of Pakistan. He said that the government should take military action against militants across the country including South Punjab simultaneously. He said that the government should devise a policy about foreigners including Uzbeks, Chechens and others in tribal areas for their useful engagement. Zafar Beg Bhittani of FATA while participating in the debate said that those hands must be crushed that rise against Pakistan. He said that innocent people should be protected in military operation against the militants. We could not win the war against terrorism without taking the nation into confidence. We should unite for the sake of defence and sovereignty of Pakistan, he said. Palwasa Behram said, The operation in Swat is legal and we salute the forces for their overwhelming efforts to cope with the militants who are threatening our countrys integrity and sovereignty. Ms Jamila Gillani of ANP said, We should show unity and solidarity and find out the root causes of terrorism. She said that the root causes of terrorism were linked with FATA. There is a need to bring reforms and prosperity and political strength in FATA. We should support military operation in Swat and provide facilities to the displaced persons, she said. Akhundzada Chitan said action against militants was being taken in the larger national interest and not under any external pressure. The elements carrying out terrorist activities wanted to destabilize the country under some foreign agenda. Chitan said the Punjab Government had issued orders that the displaced persons from Bajaur should be given houses on rent after police verification. Usman Khan Tarakai, Chaudhry Naseem Bhotta, Chudhry Muhammad Bashir Virk and others participated in the debate. Syed Allauddin of PPP from Swat staged a walkout from the National Assembly during the debate on Swat situation due to floor not being given by the Deputy Speaker on Monday to speak on the Swat situation. When he stood for participating in the debate, he said that he belonged to Swat but he was not given the floor yesterday (Monday) for discussing the situation of his constituency. He said that he staged walkout in protest due to not being given floor yesterday (Monday). The Deputy Speaker said that according to rules, first the time was given to Parliamentary leaders. Later, Muhammad Ejaz Virk said on a point of order that the demand of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Pilots Association to bring their salary package on a par with the international cadre was unjustified. If demand of the Association is met, it would set a bad example and encourage other organizations to match their salaries with international organizations, he said. He claimed that presently the salary of a single PIA pilot was almost equal to the salaries of 25 to 28 MNAs.