SWAT-based Taliban have claimed that only 12 of their fighters had so far been killed in the on-going operation in the region, reported BBC Tuesday. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Muslim Khan said that only 12 Taliban were killed so far, and governments claims of killing Taliban in large numbers were unsubstantiated. Mingora, the main town of Swat Valley, is still under Taliban control, and our fighters are battling with security forces at every point, said Muslim Khan. Meanwhile, Taliban have accused the Pakistan government of reneging on a peace deal and warned that the military operation will result in an upsurge of revenge attacks. It is the first time the Talibans leadership has commented since the military offensive began. Speaking by telephone from Swat through a spokesman Amir Izzit Khan, TNSM Chief Maulana Sufi Muhammad told Sky News: The peace deal has been broken by the government. Even in Occupied Kashmir the Indian government does not use bombs against its own people. The government is trying to keep a foreign power happy by killing its own people. They are taking the dollars and filling their pockets and just trying to please others by killing their own citizens. Sufi, 78, was released from jail by NWFP government last year in the hope he might be able to persuade the Taliban to lay down their arms. He has led a movement demanding the enforcement of Sharia Law for three decades. He signed the controversial truce with the government more than three months ago in return for the Taliban being allowed to have Sharia law in Swat.