Ever since Rehman Malik took office, the security situation of Pakistan has gone from bad to worse. After every dastardly incident that takes place under his watch, be it the suicide bombing of the Marriott Hotel, the Mumbai attacks issue, the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team, attack at Manawan or murder of three Baloch political leaders, he promptly orders 'free and independent' inquiries that are such a fizzle that they are never heard of again. Had he acted in the right earnest and arranged for an urgent judicial inquiry into the murder of the Baloch leaders, perhaps the present upsurge of rebellion in Balochistan would have been averted. Same goes for the government negligence on the issues of drones, FATA, Swat, restoration of judges, the 17th amendment, breach of CoD etc. People do not understand where the country is headed. They are wary of the misgovernence, mismanagement, inefficiencies and rampant corruption of the government that is eating at the vitals of the nation. May Allah save Pakistan. -ZOHRA HUSSEIN, Hyderabad, via e-mail, May 3.