KARACHI - Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilots go-slow strategy has caused a blow to the flights schedule that impelled the national flag career either to reschedule or cancel flights, it was learnt on Tuesday. From Saturday to Tuesday afternoon, the schedule of 25 flights was disturbed badly as some of the flights were cancelled due to non-availability of pilots because of ongoing row between the PALPA and PIA management. PIA claimed that PALPA has again resorted to its go-slow policy pressing for their demands. On Saturday, 4 flights were cancelled or delayed, 8 were disturbed on Sunday, six flights changed on Monday while on Tuesday, PK 721 for Karachi-Lahore-Manchester-New York was delayed for 4 hours. Similarly, PK 751 for Lahore to Oslo was delayed for 7 hours, PK 70 for Islamabad-Manchester delayed for 5 hours. Pilots deputed for these flights refused to operate them at the last minute on various excuses and even few of the pilots refused to perform duty without any reason, sources in PIA said. The dispute between Pakistan International Airline (PIA) and Pakistan Airline Pilot Association (PALPA) will hopefully be resolved, as soon as the reviewed arrangement will be signed in the coming two days, The Nation learnt from source. The reviewed understanding is expected to be signed as soon as MD PIA, Capt Ejaz Haroon, returned from Islamabad. The management of PIA and executive members of PALPA met on Monday to discuss the issues that had come to surface after the new admin order has been issued, said Capt. Suhail Baluch, Vice President PALPA. Baluch added that the meeting was very positive and it concluded in 6 hours. During the meeting, official from PIA management assured PALPA that the reservations of pilots would be removed. We have pointed out that the previous admin order was issued unilaterally by PIA; no recommendations from PALPA had been taken that time, he said. This time, it has been assured that the admin order will be issued with the recommendations from PALPA. The impression that pilots are gone on strike is wrong; we know things can be solved over the table, but few of our colleagues have shown distress over the behaviour of management and MD PIA. We are trying to calm them and hopefully they will understand our view, it is all happening as pilots are losing trust on management, said Baluch. If we have called for strike then why the President of PALPA, Capt Usman, took the flight PK 365 from Islamabad to Karachi as Captain. This idea is wrong that pilots are on strike or go slow. We have asked all our members to perform their duties, said Baluch. I would like to point out one more things that PIA has closed the service of AIMS, it is the service from where pilots can check their duties and it was for our convenience, said Baluch. He added, The management has made 10 days roster at the start of this month, after the admin order other days were to be scheduled. Now, as the admin order is not acceptable to PALPA, so this has created confusion among the pilots.