I want to draw the attention of chairman CDA and ITP towards the traffic mess because of closing of the 7th Avenue at an improper point. There is a lot of traffic on the road near Iqbal Hall because of two traffic signals that are working simultaneously. No side loop or diversion has been made to ease the traffic which has to enter into the 7th Avenue or go to Lal Quarters. The side traffic approaching towards Lal Quarters and 7th avenue has to wait for the signal to turn green because of long line of vehicles although they do not need to stop in case there is a side diversion here. No ITP man is there to check the violations made by wagon drivers who block the side way turning of the Lal Quarters and the 7th Avenue. The only bridge over the 7th Avenue (connecting Melody, Sitara Market and Fire Brigade) has two signals one after another that always remain clogged with vehicles. Any untoward incident can take place here. So I request the chairman CDA and ITP to construct a side loop to ease the traffic leading towards Lal Quarters and the 7th Avenue. An ITP man should also be posted here to direct traffic. And please if they may, one traffic signal at this point must be closed. When the authorities decide about alternative routes, they must keep in mind all important stress points of the roads and their possible side diversions for the facilitation of the masses. -SABA GUL, Islamabad, via e-mail, April 28.