ISLAMABAD - The traders of ghee and edible oil have demanded of the government to order ghee and oil measurement according to net weight instead of gross weight, as being followed in some districts. It bears relevance to pen here that TheNation had published a news story pinpointing the irregularities in the oil and ghee measurements, dated April 11 2009. The news item had unveiled the aforementioned malpractices in different districts especially in Rawalpindi, Abbottabad and other districts of Hazara Division. Soon after the publication of the said story, the food department Abbottabad had ordered the ghee oil to be measured on net weight instead of gross weight. The traders of Abbottabad welcomed the said decision and hoped that the irregularities pertaining to the weighing of the said eatable commodities would be removed. However, the traders communities in Rawalpindi, Mansehra, Haripur and other adjoining districts where the same are being measured at gross weight instead of net weight are still awaiting the governmental orders for the irregularities to be removed. Some traders hailing from Abbottabad told this correspondent that the practice of measurement on net weight had abolished any chances of corruption by the officials of food and labour departments. Previously, a ghee can with a net weight of 5300 kilograms was being sold under gross weight of 4200 kg to 4700 kg. This practice of sale of underweight ghee was going unabated with the alleged involvement of mill-owners as well as some officials of food and labour department. However, in the other districts where ghee oil was still weighed under gross weight, the concerned officials were allegedly making money by receiving hefty bribes from the owners of ghee mills. According to the details, besides the ghee cans, the standard measurement of 5 litres of cooking oil actually measures 4.5 litres under gross weight.