ISLAMABAD - Ukrainian Ambassador to Pakistan, Ihro Pasko said that Pakistan had rendered countless sacrifices in the war on terror and playing important role against the menace of terrorism and termed that terrorism is not problem of Pakistan but is universe issue. He said that Pakistan and Ukraine were enjoying good relations from the last Seventeen years but bilateral relationship must be more strengthening. Addressing a program 'Meet the Press at National Press Club (NPC) here on Tuesday, Ihro Pasko said that Ukraine is one of the most technically developed country of Europe and ready to assist Pakistan in all fields including education, exploration of natural recourses, media, and providing technical assistance. Ukraine already assist Pakistan in heavy technical industries Taxila and also in the production of arms for Pak-Army and now efforts were being made to promote more cooperation in defence field, he added. Bilateral relations could be strengthened by establishing Pak-Ukraine media association, ambassador suggested. In reply to query, Ihro Pasko said that terrorism is an international phenomenon and fight against terrorism is our common duty adding that we could address terrorism by creating jobs opportunities for people living in down trodden areas of the world. If a person remain busy in earning bread and butter to support his family then he will spare no time to take and even thing about taking part in terrorist activities, he said. He said that terror was not the issue of any one country but an international issue and if developed cities of the world were not safe from terror, then how the developing countries could be save from the menace. Ukraine is fully aware about the ongoing problems being faced by Pakistan including economic and energy crisis and Ukraine is ready to assist Pakistan against any crisis. All sort of crisis including economic crisis can be addressed by Joint efforts, he added. The Ukrainian Ambassador said the international community would have to take more steps for the solution of problems being faced by Pakistan. He said that both the countries have the opportunities to promote cooperation in fields of higher education, engineering, energy, sports, defence and media adding that there was lack of trade volume between the countries, which should be increased. For better contact between two countries he said, Journalist Association of Pak-Ukraine can play a vital role in strengthening ties between two countries, he stated. National Press Club Secretary General, Afzal But, Vice President Waheed Sheikh, and Deputy Head of Ukrainian Embassy mission were also present on the occasion. Earlier, NPC Secretary General Afzal Butt briefed the Ambassador about the press club and steps so far taken for the welfare of the journalists.