In his letter 'To one somewhere safe in London, (The Nation May 12), Mr B. A. Malik has shown how even educated people can sometime throw all logic out of the window. Does he want us to believe that Bhutto, the lord and master of all he surveyed in the 1970s, would have taken lying down the abuse handed out to him by Ahmad Raza Kasuri, that too to his face in the National Assembly? As we know, the FSF went into action and their action provides the answer to the above question. Mr Malik is still harping on Shahnawaz Bhutto case when Jamshed Marker has given an account from the horses mouth, by the Cairns Police Chief as to what actually happened. Zia had nothing to do with it says Jamshed Marker. And who does he think was responsible for Murtazas death if not Benazirs government, or her husband? Who alone could have ordered the police encounter with Murtaza in which he eventually got slain? Mr Malik would have blamed Zia for this murder also had Zia been alive at the time. Let not our judgment be warped so totally in Bhutto worship that we discount altogether the role of the dynasty itself in its own demise. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, May 12.