Pakistan badly needs a leader and redeemer who can mesh our people together to make a nation of them and then pulls them out of the quagmire to put on the road to progress, prosperity and economic development. Searching for the redeemer, a few names that come to mind include Imran Khan, Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and, then, some nationalists from Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwah. I name only these few because that much sought after redeemer cannot be anyone who has been tried earlier by the people, either in a democratic or military dispensation. Imran Khan is a former cricket legend who has set up a cancer hospital before forming a political party of his own. He was among those politicians who had opted out of the 2008 general election and, thus, not approached the people for votes. Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi has been doing a lot of humanitarian work and as such, should better not be dragged into filthy arena of politics otherwise we might even get deprived of what he is doing to help the people in distress right now. Nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has made a valuable contribution to the dream of turning Pakistan into an atomic power, no doubt. But, then, he was found involved in smuggling of nuclear technology, a fact he publicly admitted in 2004. That admission has caused a lot of harm to the country in the recent times. Of the few Baloch, Sindhi and Pakhtun political figures that immediately come to mind, in all fairness, none seems like a redeemer. A redeemer should be a man of principles, free from all prejudice, bias and hatred and have respect for laws of the land and constitution. Please join me in praying to Almighty Allah to bless us with such a man who has the capability and commitment to deliver us from these crises. -ZOHAIB AHMAD QURESHI, Lahore, May 12.