According to a news report in the print media (04.05.10), the Auditor General of Pakistan has submitted a report before the National Assembly detecting financial irregularities worth over Rs.323bn in various federal ministries and departments during the year 2008-09. This staggering figure works out to be almost a quarter (23%) of the total revenue projections by the FBR for the current year (which are of Rs. 1390 billions). One wonders what action does our parliament intend to take to recover this colossal amount that should be restored to the exchequer now that the parliament also has newly attained powers under the 18th constitutional amendment to employ as well. Another recent news report suggests that the FBR is budgeting for over Rs.1600 billions worth of revenue collection for the next year. Since, such irregularities are becoming an accepted norm in the country, the FBR should raise its new revenue target to at least Rs. 2000 billion which should be met by raising at least Rs. 500 billions through recovery of corruption money. -MOHAMMED ALI JAWAID, Karachi, May 11.